Parade Entry Form

Rules for 2022 Parade

Parade Date: Monday, July 4th at 10 a.m.

Insurance certificates can be submitted digitally using the button below if you did not submit one with your initial entry form.

Parade Entry 

  • There is a $25.00 entry fee per entry. (Fee supports the fireworks and event costs)
  • Entries longer than three car lengths must pay an additional entry fee for every three car lengths in length. 
  • Mail application (or submit the following form) and payment/check to the digital payment method or address listed on the entry form.
  • Make check payable to Urbandale 4th of July Committee.
  • Application, Insurance information and check must be postmarked by Thursday, June 23 or received no later than Noon Friday, June 24. 
  • Applications received after Noon Friday, June 24, will be returned and will not be included in this year’s parade.  

Parade entries and parade positions will be posted on our website by Friday July 1, 2022.

Parade entry needs to be in your assigned place by 9:00 am July 4th. Judging will occur along parade route. 

Urbandale 4th of July Parade Safety Rules

The success of the Urbandale 4th of July Parade depends on you, the participants. The following rules will provide a safe and successful 2022 parade for entrants and spectators.  

Police and Safety Patrol 

  • Their role is to help with safety issues.  
  • You must comply with their requests for the safety of parade participants and spectators.  
  • If you do not to comply, your parade entry will be required to leave the parade route.  

Candy Distribution 

  • Candy and other items may not be thrown from the vehicle, float, trailer, etc.  
  • Walkers must walk to the curb and distribute candy to spectators. This will prevent the safety hazard of children darting into the street to retrieve candy.  
  • If you do not comply, your parade entry will be required to leave the parade route.  
  • Peanuts are not allowed because of possible allergic reaction.  
  • No squirting or spraying water or throwing water balloons at spectators.  

Entries Larger Than a Pickup 

  • There must be walkers on all four corners of the vehicle.  
  • Walkers must communicate to the driver when it is safe to resume driving. This will ensure the safety of children who may dart into the street to retrieve candy.  
  • No semis allowed because of obstructed views.  

Athletic Teams 

  • An adult must supervise from the trailer or back of the pickup.  
  • Athletic teams without adult supervision will not be allowed to enter the parade route.  

Gaps in the Parade 

  • Ensure that there are no more than 3 to 4 car lengths between your entry and the entry ahead of you.  
  • The safety patrol will ask lingering entries to close the gap.  
  • If you do not comply, your entry will be asked to leave the parade route.  
Any violation of the above rules may result in a ban from next year’s parade

2022 4th of July Parade Entry

Register your spot in the annual 4th of July parade!
Name of party responsible in case of questions
Please describe the type of entry you are planning eg float, vehicle, music etc.
Please include the size of the entry so your entry will be given adequate space (e.g. pickup with trailer/3 car lengths; pickup followed by 20 dancers/3 car lengths; scout troop of 12 walkers with flags in color guard/2 car lengths, etc.)
Parade Entry Attributes
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 1 MB, Max. files: 3.
    By attaching your certification of insurance, you are certifying you possess adequate liability insurance coverage for the aforementioned entry and releases the City of Urbandale, Urbandale, IA, 4th of July Committee, Inc. from any and all liability for any damages or personal injuries incurred during the parade on July 4, 2022.
    The responsible party for this entry acknowledges that he/she has read the safety rules and will ensure that all they and all the entry’s participants will comply with said rules. The responsible party for this entry also acknowledges that failure to comply with said rules will result in the entry being required to leave the parade route.
    I agree to and understand the following(Required)
    In order to run a smooth event and to keep everyone save, we will enforce the rules reflected below. By submitting your form, you agree to abide by our rules. Anyone found not following the rules the day of the event will be removed immediately and no refunds will be given.
    I understand and agree to the following in regard the above parade entry payment(Required)
    Submit payment below via credit card OR checks can sent to: Urbandale Fourth of July Celebration, PO Box 3656, Urbandale, IA 50323
    Price: $25.00
    The cost is $25 per entry, payable in advance to the Urbandale 4th of July committee. Payments must be received before June 24, 2022 in order to be in the parade. An entry equals three car lengths. Entries longer than three car lengths must pay an additional entry fee for every three car lengths in the parade entry.

    Parade entry payments can also be sent via PayPal at the button below.